This Is Me Gabby

I’m Gabby I’m 11 years old. My family consists of my mom Chris ,sister Sophia ,two brothers Brandon and Joey ,and two cats Luna and Storm. My father is deceased, he passed away when I was five. I love to swim, dance, and play outside. I enjoy sunny days and going to the pool.


G- I like to gab or talk  A- I am an artist B-  Ballet I’m a dancer B- I’m a very bubbly person

Quick Facts

A few quick things to know about me are I used to do gymnastics from preschool to third grade. I love Halloween, because I love sweets. I  had a chocolate lab dog from when I was born till the end of third grade. I love to go to the pool with my friends. I can do a front flip,front handspring, front walkover, and almost a back flip, and backhand spring on the trampoline.

In My Free time…

Things I like to do in my free time, in my free time I enjoy listening to music some of my favorite artists are Ed Sheeron, and John Legend. I also love to go to the park with my friends. I also like to play with my cats. Lastly I like to hang out with my family like go on a walk, play a game, or watch a movie.



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